The ComedySportz High School League® is the largest, most successful                                   improv training program for high school students in the country.

ComedySportz High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances.  It encourages their individuality and provides the forum to succeed or fail in a safe environment that combines showmanship and sportsmanship.  The League provides an extracurricular activity that goes beyond stage work into everyday situations.  And the students just think they're having fun!

The fast-growing intramural and inter-school phenomenon is known as ComedySportz, a hard-fought, competitive team game
that brings theatre into the forefront of kid cooldom.
— Creative Drama Magazine

We play improvisation as a team sport, with two teams "competing" for audience laughs. The stage is covered in turf, there's a referee and the players are in uniform. It's not comedy about sports; it's comedy played as a sport. Because everyone knows what a sport is, there is immediate buy-in from the audience. People who have never been to the theatre before walk through the door because they're not intimidated. Because it's improvisational, it's always different, and you will have fans that come to every performance.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Your students learn improvisation from the professionals - people who actually get paid to do it.
  • Takes the burden of directing multiple shows each year off of teachers
  • Allows students to cultivate leadership skills
  • Allows teachers to offer awesome opportunities without huge time and effort investment
  • Small budget investment for major pedagogical return

Benefits for Students:

  • Chance to grow as performers, leaders, artists and teachers
  • Chance to grow a caring, compassionate, inclusive community from the ground up
  • Great for resumes
  • Stage time!
  • Fun!

Northern California ComedySportz High School League                                                                                                                                                                              

Join dozens of schools already battling the boredom of daily school activities and other lame on-campus clubs. ComedySportz empowers students to learn about leadership, teamwork, and theater in a fun and exciting way. The league provides an extra-curricular program for students to practice improv, take workshops led by professional improvisers, and perform with teams from other schools all year long. The Northern California ComedySportz High School League has two locations, San Jose and Sacramento that reach out to students wanting to learn how to be funny in a safe, non-threatening environment. Plus, all ComedySportz High School League teams keep 100% of the profits made through ticket sales, promotional materials, etc. making the ComedySportz Program an exceptional way to raise funds. ComedySportz is one of the few programs that can pay for itself year after year.                                                                                                                                             


5 Easy Steps To Register Your Team

Step 1 - Register your team

Every team needs to have a small group of leaders to be responsible for the team. Once these people are chosen, you may register your team and ComedySportz can help you along the way if you have trouble.
Team Administrator: A faculty member at the school who can provide a room to practice, submit an invoice to the school, reserve the theater for shows, and give guidance to the students concerning school policy.
Team Captain(s): One or two students who commit to helping their team be the best they can be. Captains should be comfortable organizing their team, communicating with ComedySportz and other schools's captains, and working with their Team Administrator to schedule shows at their school.
The Team: The team should consist of 6-30 students. Students should be committed to attending at least one of each workshop (Fundamentals of Improvisation and ComedySportz) hosted by ComedySportz.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the theater.

Step 2 - Pay the annual Tuition

Schools new to the ComedySportz High School League will pay an annual tuition of $750 (which includes additional support and a referee for their first show). Returning schools from the previous year pay a discounted rate of $600 and are encouraged to start attending monthly workshops and to schedule shows as soon as possible.
Tuition fees include:

  • Private 6-hour workshop at your school
  • Access to monthly workshops at ComedySportz.
  • Performance rights for unlimited shows during the school year.
  • Invitation to the ComedySportz High School League Tournament in May.
  • …and whatever other fun things we come up with during the year.

Step 3 - Workshops

Teams will get to take two different workshops that will get them ready to perform at their school and other schools. 

Fundamentals of Improvisation - Private Workshop                                       This workshop focuses on the fundamental skills of improvisational theater. Learning about teamwork, communication, and commitment will help first-year improvisers through fourth-year improvisers understand the basics of ComedySportz. Students will learn how to say "YES", how to start a compelling scene, how to develop relationships, pantomime and much more. This workshop is appropriate for students at all levels. Teams can schedule this workshop with Michael (our High School League Director) and we will send a coach to your school to introduce improv to new students on the team while improving the skills of your seasoned team members as well. Teams can choose to schedule this workshop during a school day, after school, or on a weekend day at a location of their choosing. Teams who do not have a space to hold the workshop can use our theater in San Jose. 

ComedySportz Training                                                                                      This workshop focuses on teaching students the format, blocking, and production of a ComedySportz show. ComedySportz is a fast-paced, competitive improv performance that includes the audience to make every show unique and memorable. This workshop will teach students about the cast of ComedySportz, the format of the show, and the variety of improv games used in ComedySportz shows. Students who have never participated in a ComedySportz performance should take this workshop before performing for the first time to understand the show. However, returning students will enjoy these workshops as a way to learn different games that they can play in their shows. 

All ComedySportz workshops will take place at ComedySportz in San Jose.

Step 4 - Hire a Referee

Once you've your workshops, it's time to start scheduling matches. Host a match at your school and keep all the money from ticket sales, concession sales, and any other ways you choose to make money. All ComedySportz matches must be refereed/emceed by an approved ComedySportz Referee. This ensures that your show will be a hit. Our trained Referees make sure your team shines and your audience leaves wanting to come back to your next show.. Referees will arrive 45-60 minutes before showtime. Please have an idea of what games you would like to include in your show and allow the referee to make any changes that will benefit the show.  In order for ComedySportz to provide your team with a Ref, you must submit a request AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR to you show.

Step 5 - Tournament

You've been training all year and now it's time to get together with other teams in the league and show us what you've got. Compete in three different rounds, and reach for the gold and the title of "Funniest Team Ever". This will probably be the funniest tournament you've been to all year long. More information as it gets closer. Hope to see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we start?
A: Follow the 5 easy steps to register your team with the ComedySportz High School League. Keep in mind that only schools within certain counties can be part of the High School League.  Schools outside of our neighboring counties will have the choice to join the league or develop their own improv show with one of our coaches.

Q: Once we register online, how do we start attending workshops?
A: After submitting an online registration form, we will send a welcome email to your team administrator and team captains.  You can schedule your private workshop with Michael (our High School League Director), and we will send a coach to your school to introduce and practice the fundamentals of improvisation.  Furthermore, students can also start attending our ComedySportz Training workshops as soon as your team registers online.

Q: How many different workshops are there?
A: Two. Fundamentals of Improvisation (Private Workshop at your school) and ComedySportz Training (1st Saturdays at ComedySportz) are the two workshops we teach to prepare students to perform improv and Comedysportz shows at their school.

Q: How do the workshops work?
A: The Fundamentals of Improvisation workshop is private workshop that can take place at your school.  After registering your team online, our High School League Director will contact you and you will be able to work out a training schedule that your team will be able to attend.  Some options are: and all-day workshop on a Friday, multiple 2-hour workshops after school, or a weekend workshop at ComedySportz.  You will be able to arrange this schedule with our Director.

Monthly ComedySportz workshops at our theater will start at 10:00am. The workshops are scheduled to be 6-hours long, but may be shorter due to low attendance. We have a variety of High School League coaches who all bring their own expertise to the workshop.  During these workshops, students will learn how to prepare for and execute a ComedySportz show at their school.  We will workshop many different games that make ComedySportz a hit with any audience.

Q: What do we do after we've taken workshops?
A: Once you have completed your private workshop and have attended at least one ComedySportz workshop, the best way to continue learning improv is to do it. Schedule shows at your school in the theater, black box, or drama room. If you don't have access to a theater at your school, then stay in contact with other schools in the ComedySportz High School League as many teams enjoy inviting other teams to be in their ComedySportz shows.

Q: What if my school is too far away from ComedySportz San Jose?
A: If your school is way out in the middle of No-Where-Land, then you may not be able to join the league; however, we can still help you launch an improv club that is worth bragging about.  Fill out an online registration form and we will get back to you with some options.

Q: When is it too late to join?
A: We will not be accepting any new schools after February of next year.  We will be done teaching workshops at that time.  However, we can still come out to your school and do a private workshop if you would like to still introduce the wonderful world of improv to your team.


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