The Midnight Show is an improv show conceived for an adult audience with an edgier theme and content. It was developed at the request of fans who enjoyed the traditional ComedySportz show, but were searching for the occasional alternative diversion.

How Is It Different From the ComedySportz Show?

Most of the improv scenes and games in a ComedySportz show are between 3-5 minutes in length. This format is commonly called “short-form” improvisation. The Midnight Show uses a format known as “long-form” improvisation – a typical show will consist of two scenes that last anywhere from 25-40 minutes in length. In the ComedySportz format, the performers are divided into two teams, but they play together in one group for The Midnight Show. There are no judges, referees, or penalties for the performers if they don’t keep the content clean. For this reason The Midnight Show is suitable only for ages 18 and above. In fact, nobody under the age of 18 is admitted. Tickets are normally $10, but if you buy a ticket to the ComedySportz show at 7pm you can stay for The Midnight Show for free!