The ComedySportz Scoreboard is a small program written in Adobe Flash. It works on any system that can run the Adobe AIR player, which is most Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. It is easy to install and use:
  1. Download the latest version of the free Adobe AIR player, and then install it.
  2. Download the installer for the ComedySportz scoreboard.
  3. Double-click on the "CSzScoreboardAIRApp44.air" file to install it. During the installation process do not worry about the warnings of an unknown publisher and unrestricted system access. The only time the scoreboard application accesses or modifies your file system in any way is if you chose to save changes to the match format.
  4. To run the scoreboard program, double-click on the "CSzScoreboard" icon on your desktop.
  5. When the scoreboard starts, two windows will appear: Master and Display. The two windows appear identical. The only difference is that changes made on the Master window are mirrored on the Display window. If you have dual monitors, drag the Display window into the second monitor and leave the Master window in the first monitor. If you have only one monitor, then close the Display window and just use the Master window. Note, if you closed the Display window, but would like it to reappear, double-click on the empty upper-left corner of the Master window.
  6. The round names default to the standard match format. To change to another format (such as the road show format that has fewer rounds), right-click (Windows) or cmd-click (Mac) in the upper-left corner. Then the Match Format Editor window will appear where you can select a different round template, depending on the type of match. You can further customize any round name by right-clicking (Windows) or cmd-clicking (Mac) on it, then entering a new name.
  7. The Match Format Editor also allows you to change the shield image from the default of ComedySportz to either High School League, Minor League, or Rec League.
  8. You can also use the Match Format Editor to change the aspect ratio to support either 4x3 (standard) or 16x9 (widescreen) monitors.
  9. You can change any of the team names by right-clicking (Windows) or cmd-clicking (Mac) on the name, then entering a new name. When team names become too wide, they will automatically narrow (up to a point) to fit within the available area. You can also change the team names in the Match Format Editor.
  10. Any changes you make in the Match Format Editor (such as the team names) can be saved so that they will be the default values the next time you open the scoreboard. To save the current settings, simply press the "Save as Default" button.
  11. You can make the Display window full-screen by double-clicking on its ComedySportz shield image. To make the Master window full screen, right-click on its ComedySportz shield image. When made full screen, the scoreboard will scale to any resolution. To undo the full-screen mode, either double-click on the ComedySportz shield image again or press the ESC button.
  12. During the match, to highlight the current round, simply click on it.
  13. To add 1 to a team's score, simply click on it. To subtract 1 from a team's score, click on the team's name (negative scores and decimal points are allowed). To manually enter in a new score, right-click (Windows) or cmd-click (Mac) on the score, then enter the new score in the dialog that appears (decimal points are allowed).
  14. This scoreboard also has a hidden third team score that looks like a Post-It note. This is a useful gag for when the referee assigns points to someone else, such as an audience member. Display the third team score by double-clicking on the empty upper-right corner of the Master window. The score can be modified and the team name changed in the same manner as the other teams'. You can hide the third team score by double-clicking on the black area around the Post-It note.
  15. To make the Display window "black out" (hide the scoreboard and instead show the ComedySportz shield image on a black background), double-click on the upper portion ComedySportz shield image on the Master window (double-click again to show the scoreboard). To make the Master window "black out", double-click on the lower portion ComedySportz shield image on the Master window (double-click again to show the scoreboard). The transparency level of the ComedySportz shield image that is displayed on the black background can be changed in the Match Format Editor from 0 (full color) to 100 (invisible).