What is ComedySportz Minor League?

This program is for the experienced and motivated improviser who wants to elevate their performance skills to the next level in front of a live audience every week! It’s a 20 week intensive training academy designed to elevate all students to a higher level of expertise and performance. It is taught by veteran ComedySportz players with many years of professional experience and training at assorted improv training centers. In addition to weekly classes, all students will be performing regularly on our professional stage in front of a paying audience. Students will learn all aspects of the ComedySportz production including tech and referee skills.

What is the Cost?

The fee will be $400 for this 5 month class. It may be possible to spread out the payments over the first 3 months of class.

Why ComedySportz Minor League?

This experience is perfect for anyone who dreams of playing with one of the largest and longest running professional improv groups in the world.  ComedySportz San Jose has over 30 years of consistent performances in the Bay Area and we have done over 7,000 shows.  We are a part of a global family that consists of hundreds and hundreds of performers.  Much like Major League Baseball, the ComedySportz Minor League is where we work hard to train the potential future mainstage performers. 

When and Where is Minor League?

The Minor League Training Academy will start in early April and will run for approximately 20 weeks.  We’ll meet every Sunday from 5:30 to 10:00.  All classes and performances will take place in the CSz Arena located in 3Below Theaters and Lounge at 288 S. 2nd St. in San Jose.

How do I get involved with Minor League?

We are hosting a number of open jam sessions where we will be selecting members of our new Sunday night company.  The Minor League is a class/show that will provide advanced training experiences in all aspects of the ComedySportz program.  Players will learn improvisational skills and games in addition to referee and sound and tech roles. 

Open Jam Auditions:


September 5, 2019


CSz Theatre at 3Below Theatres and Lounge

288 S. Second St.

San Jose, CA