CSz for Groups

Whether it's a block of seats at a ComedySportz® Match, a Private Event just for your group or a customized improv workshop, CSz San Jose has your needs in mind.

CSz San Jose has hosted and toured to private groups since 1987.

We know what it takes on your end, and we're willing to work with you to make your tour, event or outing successful. We're here to make your job easier.

CSz is flexible, motivated and focused on you.

Group Sales for ComedySportz® Matches

We offer a 10% Discount for Groups of 10 or more!

Here's what you need to know to qualify for the discount:

  • The Group Rate is only available with a single advance purchase by phone. Call 408.985.5233 ext. 1

  • Group Rate seats are reserved seats, not general admission. Your group will be seated together.

  • There are no refunds for unused tickets so make sure your numbers are accurate!

  • If you need to add more tickets to your order later, just give us a call. We'll place your additional seats as close to your group as possible, space permitting.

Want to make a group reservation and just have your people all pay separately? 

That doesn't qualify for the Group Rate, but here's a way you can all sit together (if seats are available):

  • We can hold a block of tickets for you group up to 72 hours before the scheduled show.

  • Tickets purchased in this manner are $15 each.

  • Give us a call at 408.985.5233 ext. 1

Other Services for Groups

  • We've got cool video screens. Let us know if you'd like us to display any special message before the show or during halftime. We can even put your group's logo or pictures up there if you get us a copy early enough. This is perfect for special occasions.

  • We may be able to involve one or more of your group's members in our games, depending on the choices and challenges by our ref and captains.

  • You can purchase Judge Whapners for your group and help decide who wins and loses.

  • Gift certificates are available for your honored guests. We sell them in any denomination, beginning at $15.

Private Events


Wouldn't it be great if the entertainment truly revolved around your guest(s) of honor? Think about the joy that can come from a really memorable event. CSz understands this and we deliver on the promise.

Creating an event that captures the reason for the gathering takes something special. CSz makes it easy.

  • Birthday Parties of any age

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

  • Wedding Receptions and Rehearsal Dinners

  • Retirement Parties

  • Holiday Parties

Shows. WorkshopsRentals.

Our ComedySportz® Matches, ComedySportz® Half Court and Exhibition formats revolve around your guests of honor. Our referee takes suggestions from them and about them, and they can even "volunteer" to be a part of action. We help even the most nervous among us to look good. And we make you look like a genius for bringing us to your event.

We travel to you, or you can come to us!

The CSz San Jose Arena seats 100 people and is available any time except during primetime Friday and Saturday evenings. We have a great sound system and our custom video screen application available to support your event.

Our Road Shows are available at virtually any time and any place. We supply a good sound system, including wireless mics if needed, and we fit into lots of spaces.

Consider pairing a show with an experiential workshop.

We're great at teaching improv to all kinds of groups. Learn the basics, strengthen your team and have a blast!

CSz offers your group an opportunity to learn improv by working with the most experienced player/teachers around. We teach hundreds of workshops to people of all ages each year, and all of our teachers are professional players.

ComedySportz can develop a workshop to fit into your goals or you can turn us loose to teach the basics of improvisation, including:

  • Listening and acceptance

  • Narrative

  • Giving up control and sharing the stage

  • Physical space

  • Character endowment

  • Status

  • Scene work

  • ComedySportz games

We lead with energy, support and positive feedback:

The team supports each other
We celebrate mistakes and fix them together, rather than judging them
We give everyone a chance to shine
We allow everyone to play in a safe, nurturing environment
We Listen, Trust, Commit, Risk, Accept, Share, Enjoy
We say Yes!


Need details? Call us at 408.985.5233 ext. 1 and we'll let you know what the options are.


Rent our Arena

The CSz  Arena has seating for up to 100 people. and can be configured for performances, meetings, seminars or any number of uses. 

Our Arena also features a full sound system (Computer audio and audio inputs, wireless and wired microphones) as well as two TV screens that can show video or powerpoint/Keynote for presentations.

For performances, the Arena also features a full warm-up room. We can provide staffing, box office and technician.

We're located inside 3Below Theatres and Lounge - 288 S. Second St. at the corner of Second and San Carlos in downtown San Jose. Parking is available in the 2nd and San Carlos Parking Garage located directly above the theatre.

For more info, email info(at)cszsanjose.com

ComedySportz® at Colleges & Universities

It's comedy for U about U.

Every year we play at dozens of schools and colleges in California, bringing our fast-paced, clean, funny improv show to students (and sometimes their parents).

... it was WONDERFUL AND AWESOMELY SPECTACULAR to have you guys come to our school!! Thank you soo much, on behalf of the student hall government.
— UC Merced

ComedySportz® is perfect for college shows because we tailor our show to you. We ask the audience about their classes, campus and dorm life, and then play scenes and games incorporating that information into the show. It's not just another show to watch -  it's a show about your school.

This is great that you are back for a third year. We are so looking forward to the show.
— Santa Clara University SCU Presents

And of course, ComedySportz® is always 100% clean entertainment; we appeal to everyone, but offend no one.

Works For Any Event, Every Time

For freshman orientation, parents' weekends, graduation, special events and everything in between, a screamingly funny ComedySportz® show is a treat your entire campus will love.

Call us at 408.985.5233 ext. 1 or email info(at)cszsanjose.com to learn how ComedySportz® can rock the house at your next college function.

Shows for Schools

ComedySportz® is the perfect show for grades K-12. We're fast-paced, funny, interactive and positive. It's entertainment that everyone will love and we never talk down to students.

Bring us to your school for a show, a workshop, or a combination. We strongly believe in what we do and are happy to share our personal stories with the students about the values improvisation has taught us as individuals and a team. In fact, we often end our school shows with a question-and-answer session to share what we know about improvisation, acting and teamwork.

(And yes, we do grad nights.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night at Saratoga High. I was so impressed! You got talent!

- Saratoga High School

Why bring ComedySportz® to your school?

100% youth-friendly, positive entertainment. It's the kind of entertainment we approve of for our own students, 
Interactive and fun. Everyone gets involved and laughs together. Improvisation teaches the importance of sharing, commitment, teamwork, listening, acceptance trust and friendship.



Call us at 408.985.5233 ext. 1 or email info(at)cszsanjose.com to learn how ComedySportz can be a positive, fun, learning experience for your next school event.

FAQ: Road Shows & Private Events

What are the fees?

We have several options that allow us to scale a show to your event. After a brief phone conversation to assess your needs, we'll provide a customized quote with several different options. Call us at 408-985-5233 ext 1 for your customized quote.

How long is the show?

We can customize the length from 30-100 minutes. A vast majority are between 45-60 minutes. It depends on your event.

Can I preview the show?

Absolutely. If you have a specific event in mind, contact us and we'll get you into a regular weekend show.

How does the show fit my group?

You'll fill out a brief questionnaire so we can learn a little about you. Then our referee knows what kind of suggestion categories to use - your group makes all the suggestions, and the show tailors itself to your group. It's simple, elegant and it works every time.

Is the content suitable for business, school or church audiences?

Yes!  ComedySportz® is a clean show - a show for everyone. And still funny. We have never had a complaint regarding content at a road show.

What is a "Full Court"?

The Full Court is our most popular road show - 2 teams of 3 players, referee. It clocks in between 50-60 minutes. It's a highly energetic competition between the Red and Blue Teams, with the ref getting suggestions from the audience, timing games and calling fouls. The audience supplies all of the suggestions, votes for the funniest team in each round and awards points.

What is a "Half Court"?

The Half Court show is one team of three players, and a referee.  There's no competition between teams, (and no fan voting or points) but the ref still calls fouls and we play the games with ComedySportz® energy and style.  It's a little less splashy than the Full Court, but just fine for audiences up to 100 (or more, depending on your event.) We do a lot of Half Court shows, too.  Half Courts can last between 30-50 minutes.

What is an "Exhibition"?

An exhibition may be a two, three or four player show that lasts 20-40 minutes.  Exhibitions are usually designed for special situations, such as private parties in a home, very small audiences, unusual locations or United Way kickoffs at companies. We may not offer the Exhibition shows on certain dates, in certain locations, or for certain types of functions.

Can we combine a show with a workshop?

Great idea!  Let's discuss this by phone. If we're appearing at your meeting or convention, consider a ComedySportz Teambuilding or Leadership breakout.

Is ComedySportz® available on the date(s) I need?

We won't know that until you call or e-mail, so please do. Sometimes, we can accommodate people with as little as a few days notice. We're staffed and equipped to perform up to four simultaneous events.

Does CSz travel?

Yes.  We've played from Coast to Coast. Outside of the Bay Area, we do add travel charges to help offset room, board, transportation and extra player time.

Can CSz recommend a location?

Yes, we do this all the time, based on our experiences and the experiences of our clients. We do not accept payment from other vendors. We have your interests at heart.

Any recommendations?

  • Do seat your audience as close to us as possible. Connecting with an audience across the dance floor is possible, but difficult and we can't guarantee the effectiveness of the show if we are disconnected from the audience..

  • Don't have entertainment during dinner. After dessert is laid down is fine, but not during dinner. It doesn't work.

  • Do share your agenda with us. We've done a lot of corporate, church and convention events, and we can help you avoid some scheduling mistakes. Sometimes, we can even provide support for other parts of your event.

  • Don't overload your evening. Dinner and an hour or so of entertainment is enough for most events.

What about a show at the CSz Arena?

Sure.  We can do a private event anytime during the week, depending on schedule. Or you can buy out the house on a Friday or Saturday night. 

We accommodate up to 100 people.

Note that there are no accommodations for food and drink outside of the normal concession items available in the lobby. If you want to combine a sit down meal with our show, we'll be happy to provide you with a list of other venues where we've performed before.

How much space does CSz need?

We ask for 12' by 16'.  A raised stage is necessary if you have more than 100 people at the show.  We also need access to one electrical outlet, 7 chairs for a Full Court, 4 for a Half Court, and a clean, secure place for warm-ups.

Does CSz bring a sound system?

Yes, a very good one, featuring wireless microphones and speakers. Our systems play well up to 800 people at dinner table rounds and thousands in theatre-style seating. We know the systems and our needs cold, so you don't have to worry about it. We vastly prefer using our own equipment, even if you have a system or the venue has one.

What about a camera and video screen projection system?

Video screens can certainly help the experience when you have 600 guests or more, or even 400+ at banquet tables.  We don't provide them, but can help with the arrangments.  Just ask.

Does CSz bring lights?

Typically, no.  Room lights usually work well, although there are a couple of exceptions. We can rent lights for you if you'd prefer not to deal with it.

How much time does CSz need to set up?

If we're setting up our sound system we usually need about 60 minutes, unless we run into a challenge. We prefer to arrive about an hour before our show and set up; we tear down immediately after our show. That takes less than 10 minutes in most cases.

Some folks like us to set up several hours in advance of the show. In some cases, there is an extra charge of $150-$300 to pay our players for an extra call or "sitting around time".

How do I hold a date?

We email you our 1 page agreement and an invoice. You sign it and e-mail it back to us. That's it. We don't "pencil in" dates.

What are your deposit policies?

We ask for a 50% deposit with the balance due the day of the show.

How can I pay?

By check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. We have a secure online portal so you can even pay online at your convenience.

Are there any hidden fees?

Extra fees are stupid. We'll let you know all of the fees in advance when we send you a price quote.

Can CSz help me put together a poster, event website or put info in our conference literature?

Yes. Check out our graphics and photo resource page. It has all of our logos in web and print formats, as well as a growing number of photos you can use.

How often does CSz do this?

Over 100 times a year at private events; about 125 "home" shows a year at our arena.

Questions we'll ask you

Have you seen the show? If so, where?

If not, we'll make arrangements for you to see a regular performance at our arena.

How did you hear about CSz?

This is important to us, and often tells us about many of your needs.

What is your Date and Location?

If you have a location, that's great! If not, we've performed in over a hundred different spaces in the Bay Area. Ask us.

What time of day?

This is important for us to know in order to schedule performers or instructors.

What is your expected attendance?

How many people do you expect?

Who are your people?

What does your company or group do?

What is the focus?

What is the event all about? Do you have specific goals?

What is the past event experience?

If you've had an event in the past, what worked and what didn't work for you?

To book your next show, or for more information, contact us at 408.985.5233 ext. 1, or fill out our contact form.


Thanks for reading this far! You look great today.