About CSz Worldwide and CSz San Jose

ComedySportz® was started in 1984 in Milwaukee, WI, by Dick Chudnow, who based it on the competitive Theatresports improvisational techniques of Keith Johnstone from Calgary, Alberta. Expansion began with the addition of Madison, WI, in 1985. The first Comedy League of America National Tournament was held in 1988, with 10 teams participating. Now known as CSz Worldwide, the organization has grown to over 25 teams, including teams in Manchester, U.K and Berlin, Germany.

The Bold Knight - 1987

The Bold Knight - 1987

ComedySportz San Jose was founded by Jeff Kramer, who was an original member of the Madison Team.
The first ComedySportz match in San Jose was played on September 16, 1987, at The Bold Knight Restaurant. Here's who played that night: Jeff Kramer, Tom Gough, Kristen Underwood, RoiAnn Phillips, Richard HendricksJeff Ringgold, Michelle Spencer (née Devereaux), Natalie Skelton. Patrick Short was the Ref.

Meet The President

Jeff Kramer is the Founder and President of CSz San Jose. He holds a BFA degree from Penn State University in 1983 and received an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1986. As an actor, he has performed at theatres around the country, including the New Jersey, Idaho and Oregon Shakespeare Festivals. As an improviser, he has performed across the United States, at colleges, festivals and corporate events. He has also been contracted to teach and perform at various Club Med locations in Mexico, The Dominican Republic and The British West Indies and for the troops in Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. In addition, he has developed and led improv training programs for such clients as Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser-Permanente, PG&E, The US Postal Service, AAA, Chevron, Tivo, and eBay, as well as numerous schools, churches and synagogues. Jeff has also worked extensively in the voiceover industry, creating hundreds of voices for Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo video games, including the voice of Superman and the cult classic Seaman. Jeff is an adjunct faculty member at Ohlone College, where he serves as improv instructor.

Jeff Kramer

Jeff Kramer

We've grown to offer a wide variety of entertainment and training services - all connected to our values of collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun!

Fan Services

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of laughter!

ComedySportz® Gift Certificates never expire, are available in any denomination and are the perfect gift for friends, family and co-workers.

  • Available for any amount - no expiration date

  • Use for any ComedySportz® match, except special events.

  • Not redeemable for cash

  • Can be recharged with more value at any time

Here's how they work:

  • Call us at 408.985.5233 ext.1 or email us at info (at) cszsanjose.com

  • Pay by credit or debit card - you tell us how much - any amount $15 or more

  • Tell us who it's from and who it's going to - and you create the code

  • We email you a certificate with the code

  • The recipient calls us or buys tickets on-line with the code

  • Certificate lost? No problem. The code is what matters and we can look it up for you.

Loyal Fan Account

 Earn points good towards free tickets to future shows!  Save time at checkout online!

How it works

  • Create a loyal fan account online when you check out.

  • Earn 50 points for each ticket you buy.

  • Every 250 points earns you a free ticket to a future show!

Donations and Fundraisers

We donate hundreds of tickets to charity fundraisers every year. We’re pleased to help, but we’re concerned about the amount of paper involved. So we ask you to help us go green. Please fill out the donation form below. Please do not fax, mail or phone in solicitations. Please do not send donation paperwork or tax information about the event. (We don’t claim a tax break on these donations, so we don’t like to waste paper or anyone’s time.) Please do not fax, mail or phone in solicitations.


Fundraising Options

We have several ways to help you raise money for your organization!

1. We decide together on a weekend that will be your organizations’ fundraising weekend. Then we create a flyer for you that you distribute to your mailing list. If they come to the show, we donate $3 for each flyer. They can buy tickets in advance or at the door. They can attend any of our two shows over the weekend. 

2. You can buy a block of tickets from us for $10 each (minimum 30 tickets) and then re-sell them to your group for your fundraiser. We’d suggest selling them for $15 or more which would earn you at least $5 for each ticket sold.

3. We can come to your non-profit fundraising event and do a show. Rates start at $500, which is 1/4 of what we would normally charge. The only stipulation is that we must be the only entertainment for the event and we would be allowed to hand out flyers, coupons, etc advertising our show. We suggest you have a silent auction as well, which would allow you to raise more money for the evening. We’d even donate a gift card to the auction.

Call 408-985-5233 ext. 1 or Email info(at)cszsanjose.com for more info.